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Originally part of the B. Marathon Series, Too Slow for Boston was created with the thought that it might be fun to host an event that would be exclusive and appeal to slower runners.

We sincerely believe that running a marathon requires a dual skillset; physical and mental toughness. It certainly takes physical and mental toughness to achieve a BQ time, and we respect and admire those who earn that achievement. Similarly, for those who grind it out for 6, 7, 8 hours, and even longer, isn’t that worthy of some recognition too? Imagine spending that much time on the course. Imagine the physical, mental, and emotional toughness it requires, especially knowing that by the time you get to the finish line, most of the fanfare will have died out, and you might just be seen as an indicator that it’s time to clean up and go home.

This is what 2S4B is all about. It’s about rewarding the people who run these types of marathons by creating a race that they need to be slow enough to qualify for. It’s about promoting the aspect of mental toughness that exists in our sport, and celebrating the people who can persevere.

Equine Symbolism, Boston and 2S4B Marathons


The Unicorn and the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon medal displays an image of a unicorn. The image is meant to symbolize the pursuit of something that can never be caught/achieved. It represents an ideal goal of those who view a fast time as a mark of achievement, and we obviously admire any runner who pursues his or her goals.


The Donkey/Mule and the 2S4B Marathon

In contrast, the mule is meant to represent stubbornness. Many average runners see the marathon as a chance to test their will. Because they spend more time on the course, they may face more adversity, and it may take more determination and persistence to finish the race. In the case of this marathon, stubbornness will more than likely determine the winners.